INOPEP (Skin Repair Peptide)

To speed up the recovery after Ultra V Lift treatment, INOPEP comes with Skin Repair Peptide which promotes skin renewal and skin regeneration can be gently applied onto the skin using Cryostamp device. As Cryostamp utilizes Cryo Therapy simultaneously with electronic stimulation, it gives cooling with anti-inflammatory effect and ensures deep penetration of INOPEP onto the skin.

How to Use

Apply on face using Electrophoration therapy.

  • Suppress the formation and secretion of Catecholamine which is neural transmitter derived from neural stem cell
  • Obstructs the contraction of muscles by interrupting process of neural transmission into muscles.
  • Improves wrinkles when Catecholamine and contraction of muscles decreases
  • Prevents skin aging and improves skin tone
  • Is an effective whitening ingredient certified by KFDA
Peptide Histidine
  • Derived from neural stem cell
  • Helps to produce red blood cells and white blood corpuscles which can expand blood vessels for anti aging.
Vitamin C
  • 8 kinds of Vitamin C is included for skin whitening